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Jack Stacked Stepdad Spanking Stepson Ashley Ryder


This Naughty boy needs to be disciplined, taught a lesson, and this huge muscle daddy is going to do it!

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CAUTION: This video is HARDCORE and contains hardcore spanking and discipline. Step daddy Jack Stacked gets home from work with his naughty loser degenerate of a stepson tied to the table, this boy hasn’t been earning his keep at the muscle god’s household, Jack asks him why he’s here, the boy is confused and scared but still a little bratty and yet to be tamed… Stepdad Jack proceeds to tell him what he’s done wrong, how he’s not following the rules of this man’s house, and how he needs to teach him a lesson and train him like a fucking dog and set him straight while he’s taking off his business suit. Alpha muscle god jack proceeds to dominate and spank the hell out of his degenerate stepson with a whip, a cane, a belt, and more.. And when the moaning and yelling and begging is inconveniencing daddy Jack too much, father Jack gets a ball gag to keep him quiet, that boy needs to be disciplined and taught a lesson, and alpha muscle daddy Jack is just the man for the job. When the boy’s ass is so sore and he has completely broke and surrendered, jack whips out his fat uncut cock and spanks his ass, leaving his stepson’s ass cheeks flaming red.


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